Adult Face Masks 100% Silk (Two Pack)


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Adult Face Mask 100% SilkĀ  (Two Pack)

  • Hand washing recommended at 40C with a suitable detergent and air-dried (not suitable for tumble drying). Silk is Hypoallergenic and retains very few germs, it is also a great temperature regulator so easier to wear than most other fabrics.
  • The masks will also retain their shape if they are steam pressed. Dark coloured silk may experience colour loss over time as it is a dyed natural fabric. We use 100% Crepe backed satin silk for our masks.
  • Packs will have a selection of fabrics and colours, dark and neutral colours. Colours cannot be requested on order placement.
  • These Barrier masks are for personal use and not recommended for medical use or to protect the customer against viral infecton.
  • Masks should be placed around the ears using the elastic loops attached and should be removed the same way.
  • Size 20cm x 16.5cm (expanded) excl elastic loops for ears with ear adjusters and concealed metal nose bridge.

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